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These comfortable Hot Shot Handguards are designed with a narrow palm made from a lightweight leather that allows for easier break-in. The palm of the grip features a red leather sewn on dowell and is attached to a padded wrist cuff to eliminate wrist chaffing. Fastening the grip to the wrist is easy with a genuine high-quality red hook and loop fastener rated for 10,000 cycles. US Glove's innovative finger locking system helps keep the fingers from slipping out of the finger holes during use. Please make sure you're ordering the correct size for your grips! SEE US GLOVE SIZE CHART IN PIC. To order Hot Shot Handguards, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to tip of the middle finger. Order the size closest to your hand measurment. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size. 

Ladies Hotshot Velcro Handguards

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