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The Ladies Hot Shot Buckle Grip featuring a Leather Cuff is designed for gymnasts with bodyweight between 70 and 120 lbs. The Hot Shot Buckle leather cuff is our more durable version of the regular Hot Shot. Whether you are just starting to use grips or enjoy a narrow style, these grips are perfect for you. The narrow palm of the grip features a red leather sewn on the dowell and is attached to the leather wrist cuff. Fastening the grip to the wrist is easy with a single leather buckle closure. Our innovative finger locking system helps keep the fingers from slipping out of the finger holes during use. We recommend the use of wristbands with these hand grips for added comfort. US Glove sizing is different from grip to grip. Please make sure you're ordering the correct size for your grip! To order Hot Shot Grips, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to tip of the middle finger.


Order the size closest to your hand measurment. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size. If you are uncertain whether you have measured correctly, please give us a call and we will walk you through how best to size.

Ladies Hotshot Single Buckle Handguards

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